This typicon was prepared by Fr. Bohdan Hladio of St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Oshawa, Ontario, as part of the “” project, and is based upon the original work done by Archimandrite (now Archbishop) Job (Getcha).

The liturgical directives contained herein conform to the rules governing the order for services found in the Typicon of the Orthodox Church.

Please note that since this typicon has been prepared for parish usage certain abbreviations (especially in regards to the number of tropars and kondaks sung at Sunday Liturgy) have been made. The complete order for singing all tropars at a Sunday or weekday Liturgy can be found in appendix one.

The tropars given at the end of Vespers in this typicon assume that the vigil will be celebrated. If Vespers is being celebrated by itself (i.e., not together with Matins) the proper order for the singing of the tropars before the dismissal is given in appendix two.

A guide outlining how the prokiemen and epistle are intoned when more than one is indicated can be found in appendix three. Please feel free to use this typicon yourself, or even to share it with other clergy or faithful who can make use of it for the glory of God.

Please do not publish this typicon, nor post it to a web site, without the author’s express permission. Please note that in accordance with common practice dates are given first according to the Julian (Old/ Church) Calendar, and then according to the civil (Gregorian) calendar.